History of the
IDO World Tap dance Championships
1991 - 2023

A hommage to 30 years of excellent competitive IDO tap dance
By Michael Wendt, Hamburg, Germany



The most important support, I would acknowledge here first, came from my dear wife Christa Wendt. She has always supported me organizing events and who has always kept my back free so I was able to pursue this career. Without Christa there would not have been any World Tap dance championships of the International Dance Organization (IDO) on this level for such a long time.

I would also like to acknowledge the work of my daughter Anja and my son Philip. Both my kids started contributing to the championships from a young age. Starting with age appropriate tasks and bringing themselves in, they developed their own networks and capabilities over the years. It was such a pleasure to observe this process. Philip married Camilla Humphrey, daughter of the late influential South African dance teacher Sharon Humphrey. Thus, our family is deeply intertwined with the World Championships and Riesa.

I would like to acknowledge also the late Bill Fowler, Jr. who has been a most valued partner, advisor and friend. In 2010, I wrote a first version of the IDO history which he edited. This process and his edits have guided me in this compilation of the championships.

Last but not least, I must acknowledge the approximately 22.000 tap dancers who competed during the 29 years of the IDO World Tap dance Championships in the German cities Hamburg, Dresden, Berlin and Riesa. Further, I acknowledge all the work of the judges and IDO officials who also made this series of IDO World Tap dance Championships so successfull.

Finally, I acknowledge the crucial role the City of Riesa has played in the years of the World Championships.

Thank you, everyone!